Lifeline Harrogate

People living better lives by being given a place to live

The number of people sleeping rough in England has increased by 73% over the last three years and is predicted to rise by 76% in the next decade.  Harrogate is of course not immune to this national trend.
Hostels do an amazing job either getting people off the streets or ensuring that they don’t have to sleep on the streets.  People though need a home in order to start to begin re-building their lives and that is where we have found Lifeline has been able to meet a real need.
The step change from homelessness to a hostel to a flat (assuming that is available) is too much for many people and therefore Lifeline is able to stand in the gap and provide fully independent living but with floating support.  Here are some of the many things Lifeline is able to do:
  • Prevent isolation
  • Encourage social interaction
  • A residential address helps massively with finding work
  • Introduce the resident to other agencies who can help
  • Take them to medical appointments and remind them about appointments
  • Help them with their benefit applications (a major issue with Universal Credit)
  • Create a culture that encourages the residents to engage in at least 10 hours per week of meaningful activity such as volunteering, training, education or employment
  • Provide reassuring support on a day to day, week to week basis
  • Keep people safe
  • Help to restore family and personal relationships.  Each person is unique and has different needs, with different reasons for being homeless.  So we will always personalise everything and create an individual support plan for each person.
Our goal is to create interdependence for residents.  We recognise that isolation can be an issue, hence we are always trying to create a support network for our residents whilst they are with us, so that when they leave Lifeline they will be able to make a successful transition to independence. Whilst, of course, shared living creates inevitable tensions, we believe that lifelong bonds can be formed as residents support each other and this has been played out time and time again. Isolation is often what cases homelessness, and hopelessness, in the first place and by creating the right balance in each house, which is not always easy, we can provide the circumstances in which the residents can flourish.

Carl and Georgie are commited to serving the Lord Jesus and see our faith being lived out as we always see the best in people and want to see them live better lives. Jesus always walked alongside people and met them where they are. We believe in doing what we do we are being his hands and feet. 
Lifeline remains committed to purchase more houses and to house more people in need.

Carl Good
January 2024